Recovery Support Services: An essential component in the continuum of care,

and a healthy community.

Mainstream Recovery understands that recovery support services are an essential component of high-  quality, financially sustainable care. From assessing community needs, developing & implementing programming, developing policy and  operating procedure, to, recruiting and training.

Community outreach, community engagement, developing partnerships, and coordinating services are necessary for launching a program and ensuring it's sustained for its lifetime. Our diverse team has extensive clinical, policy, operations & funding expertise in mental health & substance use disorder prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery supports.

We use this expertise to:

  •   Integrate recovery support services into treatment and community settings

  • Develop interventions to address the social determinants of substance use disorder

  • Formulate financial and programmatic strategies and identify opportunities for business development

  •   Develop recovery strategies for those with substance use disorders

  • Overcome barriers in complex community and organizational systems

  •   Elevate compliance with federal and state regulations

  •   Foster models that ensure culturally and linguistically competent care


Use our expertise to develop and improve programs for a wide variety of special populations, including children in foster care and juvenile justice systems, adults in correctional and homeless systems, older adults, those who are homeless, and those living with illness.