Working with a Recovery Coach greatly increases an individuals opportunity for a successful recovery.

Navigating the early stages of recovery can be difficult. Too often people attempt to sustain recovery after a stay in treatment only to relapse and find themselves caught in a cycle of addiction, crisis, treatment, relapse, repeat.

The impact of having a coach available to guide you through your personal recovery process is tremendous. A Recovery Coach is someone who has been through the struggle of substance use and is now on the other side and living a thriving life in recovery. They are experienced, trained, and familiar with the resources you need to help you live a thriving life in recovery as well.

By working with a Recovery Coach, a person has a much greater chance of sustaining recovery. The Coach will work with an individual in helping them to develop a Recovery Plan, that will include an individual’s goals and the steps needed to reach those goals.

A recovery plan is different for different people, but usually will cover the following areas;

  • Recovery from Substance Use

  • Living Situation

  • Financial Independence

  • Employment

  • Education

  • Relationships

  • Social Support

  • Physical Health

  • Leisure & Recreation      

  • Independence from Legal Problems and Institutions

  • Mental Wellness & Spirituality


Working with a Recovery Life Coach to develop a recovery plan will improve recovery outcomes, and working with a coach for an extended period is crucial to enhancing the success of the long-term recovery process. The direct help and support will ensure that someone follows through on the actions needed to achieve their recovery goals and develop the life they want, need, and deserve.

Review our EBook to see a more in-depth view of working with a Recovery Coach.

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